Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Literature Ministries

Larry Carter, director

"Scatter them like the leaves of autumn." (Review and Herald, Aug. 13, 1908)

The mission of the Pacific Union Literature Ministries Program is to develop a system for each conference, church, and person so that this dream for truth-filled literature can become a reality. This system will have three points of distribution: literature ministries in the local church, full-time (adult) canvassing programs, and student Magabook programs. Each group will produce Bible studies and evangelistic campaigns leads. 

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Pacific Union Youth Rush is a unique program developed to involve Seventh-day Adventist youth in outreach ministries. The cornerstone of this ministry is door-to-door visitation.

SOULS West is an outreach ministry training school for youth, equipping them for leadership in using the literature ministry as the basis for evangelism. It uses alternating quarters for classroom and field training. Students graduating from SOULS West will receive certifications in the following areas: Literature Evangelism, Magabook Leadership, Bible Work and Outreach Coordinator. The SOULS West training center is two hours northeast of Phoenix, Arizona.

Lynn Liers, administrative assistant